Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters

Ultra thin Flexible heaters

We are offering precise heating solutions with MUTEX Ultra-Thin Flexible Heater that outweighs other conventional heating elements. MUTEX Ultra-thin flexible heater features excellent physical and electrical properties which result in thermal stability over a wide temperature range. We offer and supply flexible heaters according to your requirements. MUTEX Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters assure uniform part temperatures by matching power density to the application demand. It's high temperature capability with thin construction and low mass design, allows higher wattage for faster heat-uptime. The in-built heating element creates strong bonding which makes the MUTEX Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters more flexible than any typical flexible heaters. It allows heat to transfer more efficiently and evenly than foil imprinted heaters. Unlike haters with printed or wired circuits, MUTEX Ultra Thin Flexible Heaters DO NOT produce high EMF or cause cracks and breakages of internal heater conductor when bend, resulting in heater failure.

The Ultra Thing Flexible Heaters can be patterned to meet exact customer specifications thus allowing the heaters to be effectively utilized precisely where it is needed.

MUTEX Ultra-thin Flexible Heaters offer excellent performance even under critical environmental temperature from as low as -150°C and can safely operate up to 250°C. The heaters are readily designed, made-to-order and are available in standard rectangular, circular shapes or complex customized two-dimensional shapes meeting exact customer specifications thus allowing the heaters to be effectively utilized precisely where it is needed. The thickness of MUTEX flexible Heater is less than 0.25mm over the element and it typically weighs only 0.04 g/cm². An ideal heater for applications with limited space such as defense electronics, aircraft, portable medical instruments, laboratory research, optical & photographic equipment, LCD displays, computer equipment, high density electronic devices and many more. MUTEX heaters deliver the heat you need!

Our build-to-order turnaround time is typically 3 weeks depending on quantity requirement and complexity of design. If you are interesting in flexible heater for your apllication please contact us.


  • More than 5,000 CUL approved standard heaters
  • Uniform heat distribution
  • Lightweight, flexible and ultra-thin (<0.15mm)
  • Extremely efficient
  • Available in all size and shapes, include shapes with holes
  • Length, width, and voltage can be varied over a wide range to meet many application requirements
  • Continuous operation from -250°C to 250°C
  • Available from 1.5~600V AC/DC
  • EMF-free
  • Cost effective
  • Accept small orders
  • Optional Adhesive and thermostat



0.15 to 1440 Watts


1.5V~600V (AC/DC)

Standard Lead Wire:

22 AWG 200mm High Temperature proof wire


Heaters with adhesive, <0.25mm
Heaters without adhesive, <0.15mm

Surface Temperature:

Maximum 250°C


From 6 x 6 to 2220 x 330

Operating Temperature:

-250°C ~ 250°C

Applications :

Protect sensitive components from damage caused by condensation and cold conditions

Dehumidification of motors and control devices

Freeze protection

Outdoor surveillance camera, antenna, wind generator, credit card machine

Computer equipments (IC chips/ PCB boards)

Medical and laboratory equipments


LCD display

Low temperature oven

Optical/Photographic equipments

Battery heating

Satellite and communicating equipments

Seat heater/pet warmer/heating pads

food trays, food display shelves for heat retaining

Any applications with limited space and weight requirement